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Författare:  Berra [ ons 16 nov 2016, 00:19 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  James (Jim) Richards

Jag har kommit i kontakt med Jim Richards via diverse gratis ekonominyhetsbrev. Han är egentligen advokat men skrivit en del böcker bl a Currency Wars. Dagarna innan Brexit var han i London och i ett videoinslag poängterade han att om man satsade på börsen att det skulle bli Brexit och om det inträffade så skulle man kunna göra pengar men om det inte inträffade så hade man sin insats kvar då börsen redan räknat med att det inte skulle bli Brexit.
Samma nu innan presidentvalet i USA tipsade han om att man skulle positionera sig på börsen för att Trump skulle väljas och så tjäna på det eftersom "alla" räknade med att Clinton skulle vinna.

I dag släppte han sin nya bok "The Road to Ruin"

Detta är vad boken innehåller enligt hans nyhetsbrev:
Before I tell you why I’m sending this book to any American who answers below, let me be clear about what my new book, The Road to Ruin is NOT.

My book isn’t a doom-and-gloom account of how the world’s coming to an end (you can find 1,000’s of those kinds of blogs online for free)...
It’s not a tipsheet that’s going to give you a list of stocks to run out to buy to “get rich quick” (its contents are worth far more than one hundred amazing stock tips)...
And it’s not a political piece about what Congress and President-elect Trump needs to do to save America (the financial system is past the point of no return)...

Instead, it reveals a terrifying plan policymakers and influencers have for your money and family that I’ve uncovered…

It’s one they've been preparing for years…

And that I’ve only uncovered as a consequence of my high-level access and connections.

You just need to know two words.

Two words that will give them total and absolute control over you and every single cent of money you have during the next financial crisis.

Remember these two words… and remember, you heard them here first:


Here’s how I like to explain it…

When what I call the Ice-Nine plan goes into effect, your money in your bank account… your stock brokerage account… your retirement plan…

Will be like a beautiful Cartier jewel in a glass case in a museum…

You’ll be able to look at it…

But you can’t touch it…

And you don’t own it…

Scary to think about, right?

During the next crisis there will be a coordinated world-wide plan to freeze EVERYTHING you own.

Your savings account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to withdraw anything.)

Your brokerage account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to sell anything.)

Your retirement account account… FROZEN (all that “safe” money you thought you had will be gone.)

Your money market account… safety deposit box… bank owned vault…


That’s the "Ice-Nine" plan in a nutshell.

And it’s 100% true... and could be coming to your bank SOON.

But you’re probably wondering… Why does this "Ice-Nine" plan even exist?

Good question...

You don’t have to be a Nobel laureate in economics to see that the greatest financial crisis in history is about to slam America…

Everything that made 2008 terrible is a downright nightmare today…

All of those “too-big-to-fail” banks that caused the 2008 crisis are 38% bigger today…
All of the risky “derivative” bets the banks made that also went bad in 2008 are more numerous and of riskier than ever before
And since the 2008 crisis the combined debt has risen by $10 trillion… with the Congressional Budget Office projecting it’ll hit $23 trillion over the coming years...

But there’s one BIG difference between the crisis up ahead… and the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

What is the government going to do next time the system collapses?

Spend $10 trillion or even $20 trillion to save the system?

No. They can’t.

Listen, as the government’s trusted financial threat advisor, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:

*** The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are tapped out and have used all of their options.

The government may not have the money it needs to bail-out the financial system, like it did in 2008. But 300 million Americans like you DO have the money… collectively.

It’s in your savings accounts… 401(k)’s… in our brokerage accounts and money market funds… heck, even in your grandchildren's piggybanks! That’s the end-game of this Ice-Nine plan:

They're going to steal YOUR money, outright.

Of course it’s more nuanced and secretive than that…

Before they steal it, there will be a coordinate world-wide freeze on all money.

And that’s the Ice-Nine event I’ve been showing you.

Believe me, these elites don’t want you to know what they're up to…

But that’s why I wrote The Road to Ruin.

To expose these global elites secret plan for your money and your family…

And make sure you have the resources to prepare and protect what’s yours.

Yes, this book may scare you.

It may shock you.

And I know one thing for certain…

*** It’s going to help protect you.

The full price of a hardcopy of The Road to Ruin is $23.03.

That’s the pre-order price right now on Amazon.com (If you found it listed outside of Amazon, it might be much higher...)

It was released on November 15th.

It’s been listed as a #1 best-selling book in economics, and it’s barely been in bookstores yet!

Funderar allvarligt på att köpa ett ex.

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Författare:  Berra [ ons 16 nov 2016, 00:40 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Mitt inlägg verkar kanske som bokreklam, men jag kan klippa ut lite till från nyhetsbrevet:

The U.S. government’s "Ice-Nine" plan to steal your wealth and prevent you from getting your cash. (The president, Treasury secretary and Federal Reserve chair are all colluding with world leaders to implement this plan to freeze and steal your wealth outright.) If you have a dollar to your name, you need to read page 22.
The government doesn’t have to FORBID you to sell stocks, bonds and ETFs during the next crisis. It has a secret way to spy on you and PRESSURE you not to sell. Read all about it on page 21.
The “Brisbane Rules” that could instantly transform any cash you have into what’s called “forced shares of stock.” They're exactly that… a piece of paper you don’t want and you never asked for. (Obama approved these rules with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 15, 2014, with few if any Americans knowing about it.) Don’t let them do this to you — see page 25.
The secret program for controlling citizens used by elites and leaders from Caesar and Napoleon to Rockefeller and Roosevelt... through both Bushes and Obama. If you think this is some conspiracy theory, you better flip to page 58 immediately, where I expose these elites by name, along with their real agenda.
On page 59, I reveal the global elites’ shocking plan for your physical gold. (Spoiler alert: It's NOT to recreate a gold standard. Far from it.)
A tool to steal your wealth that, when revealed to Americans, will cause confusion, stealth financial losses and dismay. Start at the top of page 68 to get the full story.
A brand-new bond and derivative market that will arise from the ashes of the next financial crisis. (Such a market has never existed in man's history. And it could eventually replace America’s Treasury market as the world’s safe haven — forever ending the dollar’s dominance and YOUR standard of living.) You need to know about this in advance because the potential for a positive (or negative) impact on your portfolio will be staggering. Page 70.
Why December 18, July 28, August 4 and August 15 are four crucial dates you need to put on your calendar that mark the elites’ quiet ongoing crusade for world money. Page 61.
The exact date by which the elites will finally reach their goal of world money under their control. You MUST take immediate and specific action before that. Hurry to page 186.
What will become of the dollar after its collapse? Every blogger with an internet connection has talked about the "the death of the dollar," but no one has explained what it means, what replaces it and what happens to YOU afterwards. But I do on page 70.
The institution that will decide what the dollar is worth in the near future. (Hint: It is NOT the Federal Reserve, Congress, the U.S. Treasury or the IMF.) Page 70.
How the elites’ technical secretariat is preparing to squeeze as much tax as possible from you. The government will land a KO punch in the months ahead… and you’ll have no escape. So please be sure to read page 76.
Shocking details of what may be called the “World Citizens Database.” (Prepare for your unique global identifier number.) It will help the global elites make sure you pay your “fair share” in taxes and much more. I show you all the official proof starting on page 77.
The New World Order that will be imposed on the entire planet. (Put away the tinfoil hat. This is very real, and it will undermine individual governments and your personal liberty.) The well-documented truth I present on page 86 is much more frightening than any fiction I or anyone else could ever dream up.
The climate change “Trojan Horse” the elites are using to mask a troubling plan for you and the world’s taxpayers. Page 88.
The biggest flaw in modern finance that has led to trillions of dollars in investor losses. (The solution to make sure you DON’T lose big is on page 101. Strangely, it’s a specific application of a mixture of physics and economics. But don’t worry — it’s not so complicated that you need a Ph.D. to understand it.)
My frightening finding about what’s coming for the economy and the market in 2017. The U.S. government granted me a special clearance to report on the similarities between atomic reactions and financial collapses, which led me to the terrible conclusion I’m revealing publicly for the first time on page 98.
Has the U.S. been LITERALLY detonating thermonuclear bomb tests in cyberspace? On page 98 I reveal that they have and the surprising reasons why.
The one simple sentence that will help you forecast the economy better than 99.9% of the world’s central bankers. This secret will give you a big leg up versus virtually all of your investor friends. Page 115.
A new 21st century tool that you and every investor must use to improve your financial returns — especially if you're skeptical of paper money, central banks and the frothy stock market. Please see page 107.
A simple system that will enable you to understand why and when violent stock market moves happen. See page 115 immediately if you own any shares of stock whatsoever.
Why the risk of our financial system imploding has increased over 100 times… even though the size of the risky derivatives market has only doubled since then. (I know this sounds unbelievable, but I have mathematical proof to back it up. This is a truly important concept I’d like you to read very closely. On page 145.
The "strange attractor" phenomenon that will blindside regulators in the next financial crisis. I believe a 2008-style collapse will likely strike in the next 12 months because of this and all the people who claim to be protecting us are really asleep at the wheel! Just see page 148 for the unmistakable proof.
When you hear a pundit or broker using this phrase to describe a financial crisis, you should immediately be skeptical. See page 144.
The exact names of those on what I call the "Committee to DESTROY the World." Think I’m being paranoid? You won’t after you see page 150.
How to inoculate yourself, your family and your wealth against the next financial crisis. If you see this happen, rest easy. The all-weather portfolio superstructure on page 289 is the most crash-proof investment strategy I’ve ever seen.
Two little-known acts of Congress that have all but ensured we have a financial crisis within the next 14 months. Page 154.
Not for the faint of heart: an institution run by an American that aided the Nazis and is now working hand in glove with elites like President Obama and his administration. Page 65.
Jim Rickards' law of Financial WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction — of your wealth). Know what they are or be prepared to be devastated by them. See page 145!
How I warned the Treasury in person, just months before the 2008 crisis. And why they're ignoring me again. Page 162.
The secret connection between Brexit, stock market corrections and shock devaluations. (It’s all part of the one big crisis headed towards you. And you’ll see why when you go to page 164.)
The REAL reason John McCain's presidential campaign team snubbed my urgent warning before the 2008 crisis. Page 167.
What a Ben Bernanke confidant revealed to me about the Fed’s surprising plans for the next financial crisis. Page 176.
The true threat you face from what's often called the Ph.D. Monetary Standard. (No, it’s not that the central bankers are dumb or malicious. The real reason is far worse.) Page 179.
How to tell a bubble you should ride to riches from one you should get out of before it explodes in your face. Page 181.
The formula discovered in 1763 that can help you forecast the future... manage your money more profitably... and even could literally save your life. I’ve shown people how to make as much as 141%, 150% and even 165% using this method. I’ve also used it to accurately predict a terrorist plot BEFORE it was thwarted by the authorities. See page 12.
Why the Federal Reserve’s outdated predictive modeling system virtually ensures they will be unable to give you any warning whatsoever about upcoming market volatility. Page 186.
How something as simple as a gold shipment could send gold prices as high as $10,000 per ounce. And why most gold investors won't benefit from it. Why and when to back up the truck and load up — on page 187.
Why the central banks are looking to monopolize gold ownership in the not-too-distant future... page 188.
The important difference between the COMMODITY value of gold and the MONEY value of gold — and why it could make you a fortune (or keep you from losing one). Page 188.
The shocking epidemic of fake gold in the West. (The Chinese have developed a new yet little-known gold standard to protect themselves.) Please read page 190 and then check to make sure your gold is real and really will protect your wealth.
The gold delivery law the U.S. government is deliberately NOT enforcing. This allows gold dealers to continue the greatest gold hoax in history. You must read page 191 and remove yourself from this gold system immediately.
Why what are called “illegal forward gold sales” are not reported. Understanding this is important because they make the gold market look far more stable than it actually is. When this is exposed, only a certain type of gold investor will profit massively. Read page 190 if you want to be on the right side of this coming disaster.
The two most important gold trading terms (on page 191) that you need to understand before owning a single ounce of gold.
“No gold for you!” Why, even if you have fully allocated gold in your name (including the date, weight purity, assay and refiner information of your specific gold), you may still NOT get that hold-in-your-hand physical gold when you ask for it. In fact, you could get a fake. If that makes you uncomfortable, you need to read page 192 immediately.
How something called a "phase transition" will trigger the gold spike to $10,000 that skeptical investors have been waiting for. To take advantage of this you will need to move your money into gold in a very specific way. You’ll discover exactly what to do on page 193.
Think runs on banks are a thing of the past? Better think again. This new, 21st century twist on the bank run will soon leave most Americans empty-handed. Page 193.
Why U.S. dollars are in short supply. Most Americans find this hard to believe because the Fed has printed trillions of new dollars. But the shortage is real and has serious consequences for your bank accounts and brokerage accounts. Page 194.
How to understand and prepare for one of the biggest predictions I make in the book: “The Global Liquidation Event.” This is the day of reckoning for many people who hold dollars. It’s on page 194, and it’s not pretty.

Look, I won’t lie to you…

I don’t know exactly when this Ice-Nine freeze will go live.

Most people say: “OK, Jim. Do me a favor… call me at 3:30 the day before this secret “Ice-Nine” plan will go into effect and I’ll move my money to safety”

Even if I did know the answer…

You might not even be able to protect yourself so easily.

You need to understand the risks to your wealth right now… and take steps to prepare…


And The Road to Ruin will give you the tools you need. It’s a guidebook to thinking smarter, acting faster, and living with the comforting knowledge that your wealth is secure.

Except unlike all of the other people promising you protection and peace of mind...

I’ve actually been in secure meeting rooms (called “vaults”) inside the Pentagon.

I’ve worked as a financial warfare advisor to the U.S. government.

I’ve been in the CIA Director’s secure conference room on the seventh floor at Langley headquarters.

I’ve been inside the West Wing of the White House…

I’ve been inside the U.S. Treasury...

I’ve been inside the board room at the Fed – they even ordered a black car from their private fleet to meet me in their secure underground garage at Fed headquarters.

I’m an American lawyer… an economist…and best-selling author…

I’m not some wacko conspiracy theorist that lacks proof.

In fact, I may be the most credible person in America there is on the threats facing you and your wealth.

I don’t say that to be braggadocio, but so that you take my claims here in this letter with the seriousness you need to.

There are over 150 footnotes… and over 83 selected sources in addition.

These sources are almost worth more than the book!

And all of my research points to an official and dangerous plot to freeze and steal your wealth very soon.

And it’s imperative that you read all of it and understand it.

Believe me, if you don’t… no one’s going to do it for you.

The wealthy elite are already looking out for themselves. They've got a plan B for when the the Ice-Nine agenda goes into effect and the everyday citizens of the world revolt.

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Författare:  Berra [ ons 16 nov 2016, 00:55 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Ovanstående kan vara ett nog så gott skäl att preppa.

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Författare:  Aftersearch [ mån 13 feb 2017, 18:02 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Tack för ett bra boktips!

Författare:  Miss P [ mån 13 feb 2017, 22:22 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Kusligt! :?

Författare:  Ron [ tis 14 feb 2017, 09:34 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Låter som Bail-in många gånger större!!

Författare:  Zombie [ ons 15 feb 2017, 00:16 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Visst finns det mycket som pekar mot ekonomisk härdsmälta, men om någon skriver på det där viset för att promota en bok verkar det inte seriöst. Ungefär som reklam på TV. Du kommer att avlida av fult hår eller galopperande rynkor senast vid 20 års ålder om du inte köper vår produkt.

Författare:  Burial [ ons 15 feb 2017, 12:17 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Zombie skrev:
Visst finns det mycket som pekar mot ekonomisk härdsmälta, men om någon skriver på det där viset för att promota en bok verkar det inte seriöst. Ungefär som reklam på TV. Du kommer att avlida av fult hår eller galopperande rynkor senast vid 20 års ålder om du inte köper vår produkt.

Min tanke också.

Författare:  Berra [ tor 16 feb 2017, 00:43 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Martin Armstrong hade ett tänkvärt blogginlägg idag.
Med vänlig hälsning

Författare:  Aftersearch [ tor 16 feb 2017, 08:53 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Förmodligen finns ett dubbelt intresse i att man vill sälja sin bok och då måste man påvisa bristerna i ekonomin och att man försökt påvisa detta tidigare. Men boken har flera poänger och visar på nya brister och manipulationer efter krisen 2008 som jag inte kände till men som var ganska lätta att kontrollera mot andra källor.

Bland annat hur amerikanska staten vill kunna kontrollera de stora förvaltarna på samma sätt som man gör med banksektorn, dessa företagen motsätter sig detta då de egentligen inte har något kapital utan bara styr över sina klienters investeringar (dessa har gett dem ett förvaltaruppdrag). Det man är ute efter från statens sida är att hindra dem från att dumpa amerikanska statspapper vid en "bankrun", och nu blir det intressant för t ex Blackrock förvaltar pengar åt Kina (som verkar behöva använda amerikanska bolag för att få investera där), så om denna lagstiftning går igenom så kan de vid behov frysa Kinas investeringar i USA och förhindra att Kina kan orsaka större störningar i amerikansk ekonomi och på det sättet ganska effektivt avväpna Kina.

Detta var en sammanfattning i grova drag men jag hoppas ni förstår vad jag menar i alla fall.

Så som sagt intressant bok men som med allt man läser var källkritisk.

Författare:  Omnivore [ tor 16 feb 2017, 10:51 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Berra skrev:
Martin Armstrong hade ett tänkvärt blogginlägg idag.
Med vänlig hälsning

Mycket intressant men vad gör vi då? Investerar på råvarubörsen? Vete, majs, kaffe?

Författare:  Omnivore [ tor 16 feb 2017, 10:53 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Aftersearch skrev:
...Det man är ute efter från statens sida är att hindra dem från att dumpa amerikanska statspapper vid en "bankrun", och nu blir det intressant för t ex Blackrock förvaltar pengar åt Kina (som verkar behöva använda amerikanska bolag för att få investera där), så om denna lagstiftning går igenom så kan de vid behov frysa Kinas investeringar i USA och förhindra att Kina kan orsaka större störningar i amerikansk ekonomi och på det sättet ganska effektivt avväpna Kina.

Jag tror inte att Kina låter sig avväpnas så lätt. Tror snarare på väpnad konflikt om USA ens skulle andas något i den här vägen. Kina har gott om kanonmat.

Författare:  Berra [ sön 19 feb 2017, 01:55 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Här är lite mer info från Jim Richards. Visst han försöker ju få folk att prenumerera på sitt nyhetsbrev, men utan att behöva prenumerera så får man ju mycket information från hans "reklamblad".


Författare:  Aftersearch [ sön 19 feb 2017, 08:08 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

Omnivore skrev:
Jag tror inte att Kina låter sig avväpnas så lätt. Tror snarare på väpnad konflikt om USA ens skulle andas något i den här vägen. Kina har gott om kanonmat.

Med avväpning menade jag givetvis deras ekonomiska påtryckningsmedel. Som det ser ut idag kan Kina sänka USA:s och därigenom världsekonomin genom att dumpa amerikanska skuldsedlar.

Författare:  Berra [ sön 19 feb 2017, 11:15 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: James (Jim) Richards

På denna sida finns en video där Jim Richard intervjuas.


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